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Moscow Order of the Red Banner of
Labor Research Radio Engineering Institute

About the institute

The Moscow Order of the Red Banner of Labor Research Radio Engineering Institute, existing for almost 60 years, honourably performs government tasks for the development of special means of communication, as well as develops and produces limited-edition communication equipment.

Over the years, there have been created several generations of fundamentally new noise-protected radio relay and troposphere communication equipment: stationary and mobile, analogue and digital radio-relay stations (RRS) of decimeter and further centimeter wave bands designed to transmit a wide range of different types of information, including multi-channel telephony, data transmission, and television.

A significant backup has been created in the field of satellite communication both for the portable stations intended for special service of the top public officials and for special ultra-wideband television radio-frequency lines, as well as for a number of ship-based and ground-based satellite communication stations.

The Institute has taken an active part in the creation of centers for the Unified satellite communication system (USCS), the international INMARSAT system, and secure satellite communication facilities.

The Institute has created a number of specialized ground- and air-based electronic countermeasure (ECM) complexes.