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Antenna rotator АПУ-М

Antenna rotator for several directions of transceiving (communication) with remote alignment in azimuth and elevation

Multidirectional recieve/transmit (communication) antenna rotator with remote azimuth and elevation adjustment.

Multidirectional recieve/transmit (communication) antenna rotator with remote azimuth and elevation adjustment.


Antenna rotator АПУ-М is designed for:

branching and repeater field radio-relay stations of direct visibility with the prompt re-targeting of the communication directions and the prompt azimuth and elevation adjustment using the correspondent's radio signal

  • transportable cellular base stations;

  • telecentres with the prompt reception of reportage outside information;

  • construction and operation of radio complexes in remote areas.

Patent of the Russian Federation No. 2319260 dated March 10, 2008 (priority of the invention dates April 05, 2006) was obtained for the antenna rotator

Distinctive features:

  • original implementation of the supporting rotator, which minimizes the twisting of the structure;

  • easy assembly of the antenna rotator during the installation of equipment;

  • possibility of transmitting up to 2 radio channels in one direction of communication;

  • remote adjustment in azimuth and elevation angle with two-speed travel in azimuth within ± 160О, position memory, three-level protection at limit turn-aways of antenna devices;

  • possibility of a considerable distance –up to 200 m – from the hardware;

  • wide range of additional options for the antenna rotator equipment;

  • low weight of the equipment.


Parameter Name


Number of communication directions for RRS

1 to 3 depending on the design of antenna devices

Angle of rotation (deg.)

in azimuth – at least ± 160

in elevation – at least ± 10

Travel rate (deg.)


in azimuth initial setting – 2.0

fine adjustment – 0.5

in elevation – 0.5

Protection at limit turn-aways (deg.)





± 160

± 10


± 162

± 12


± 165

± 15

Control interface

Symmetrical RS-485 with galvanic isolation

Data transfer rate of 9.6 kbps

Power supply

Direct current network

With power supply and control cable type КУПЭВ (control cable with polyethylene insulation) (19x2x0.5)э-250 with a length of 100 m minus 48 (+12/-2.4) V

Operation temperature range from minus 40 °C to plus 50 °C.



Rotator with the frame

Dimensions: 739х489х520 mm

Weight: 42 kg

Antenna rotator for 2 directions of communication in the centimeter range of radio waves

Dimensions: 2089х632х520 mm

Weight: 88.9 kg