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Noise-free digital transportable troposphere station Ladia

Noise-free digital transportable troposphere station Ladia


Small-sized, noise-free digital transportable troposphere station Ladia with low power consumption is intended for:

  • solving a wide range of control tasks in order to ensure readiness, stability, continuity, efficiency and secrecy of communication;
  • provision of communication in the mountains, remote areas, at high latitudes and when crossing water barriers;
  • rapid deployment on unprepared and limited sites, roofs, high-rise buildings, antenna posts.

The Ladia station is the only means of SHF over-the-horizon radio communication providing communication in the range of 4,4-5,0 GHz using the limited frequency band and transfer by means of the primary multiplexer of 2 and 4 wire voice frequency channels, digital channels with interfaces ОЦК (basic digital channel), RS232, RS-422, V.35, RS-485, С1-ФЛ-БИ, and also IP-telephony, the organization of video conferencing.

The Ladya station is a unique innovative product protected by the patent of the Russian Federation.


Operation frequency range, GHz


Discrete step of the operation frequency setting, MHz



at least 51

Reception q-factor, dB/K

at least 5.0


digital group flow rate, kbit/s

- Ethernet 10/100 Base T/TX in Nx64 modes

- C. C. channel via standard telephone

1х64 – ОЦК (basic digital channel) in co-directed/ opposite joints in accordance with ITU-T G. 703
Nх64 – ОЦК, where N=1,2,4,8, in the E1 interface according to G. 703;

IEEE 802.31 standard;

vocoder, 2-wire termination

Control from: PC over the interface/remote network

USB 2.0 / Ethernet 10/100 Base

The range of the single-interval communication in the Central European territory of the Russian Federation with a communication reliability of 95% for the worst month of the year, at zero take-off angles and antenna with a diameter of 1.25 m, km


The excess of allowable sinusoidal/noise interference over the signal at R=64 kbit/s, dB

at least 15

Organization of communication

point-to-point, 2 + 0*,

Power consumption from single-phase network 220 V,
50 Hz, W

up to 370

Weight: - without connecting cables and packaging, kg


Removal of (distance to) the antenna post, maximum, m

up to 100

* Organization of communication: according to the V-shaped scheme using only one operation frequency or in one direction in two-frequency mode with doubling the bandwidth of the signal channel.


Small-sized, noise-free troposphere station Ladia can be used for:

  • prompt service of events, security-covering of roads and large facilities with the provision of communication organization, backup signal channels, communication in the absence of other ways of information transmission, communication between the shore and remote off-shore facilities);
  • protection of state borders, including the rapid deployment of the station;
  • organization of communication in emergencies;
  • operational and tactical command levels;
  • deployment of special local technological communications lines