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Labor Research Radio Engineering Institute


To improve the efficiency of work under modern market conditions, the Institute works in a close creative cooperation with a number of high-tech specialized enterprises.

Therefore, taking into account its traditional specialization and wide cooperation of works, high total research and technical potential and sufficient production and testing facilities, JSC MNIRTI firmly holds the leading position in the country in the development and manufacture of complexes of various values.

JSC MNIRTI is ready to provide a wide range of services:

  • Design, construction and commissioning of of communication centers and telecommunication infrastructure;
  • Design, construction and commissioning of IT systems and IT infrastructure (including data processing centers and situational centers);
  • Development of specialized information retrieval systems of various thematic focus;
  • Development of telecommunication equipment and individual components for it;
  • Provision of communication services;
  • Provision of a flight test bench for modeling and tracking the life cycle of various types of UAV complexes (based on the RokoAero NG-4 flying vehicle);
  • Maintenance (outsourcing) of IT and telecommunication systems;
  • Outstaffing of qualified personnel in the fields of troposphere, radio-relay and satellite communication systems;
  • Postgraduate studies in three technical specialties;
  • Consultancy service.

The Institute carries out works on the design of communication networks and lines, equipment integration and provides services for the operation and maintenance of the life cycle of all products

JSC MNIRTI has all the necessary licenses to perform a wide range of works in the field of satellite, radio-relay and troposphere communications from the supply of equipment, implementation of R&D to the implementation of turnkey complex projects, which provide high-speed Internet access, data and voice transmission, video conferencing, remote video surveillance, etc.